PA House passes “No New Taxes for Drillers, Lots of New Taxes for Home Owners and More Cuts for Schools” Budget

Republican members of the PA House passed a budget that will protect the profits of natural gas drillers at the expense of the taxpayers and children they were elected to represent. Rather than tax the drillers, House Republicans are choosing to cut funding from our schools.

The House budget eliminates the $241 million increase in state funding for proposed Ready to Learn Block grants and replaces this with a paltry $70 million increase in Basic Education Funding.  This is a 70% cut in the proposed increase in funding Governor Corbett’s budget and eliminates funds school districts were counting on  to balance their budgets this year.

The impact of this budget will be felt immediately in communities throughout PA. In Shippensburg, the school board this week raised taxes to the maximum allowed by law after learning that the school district would not be able to depend on state funding for 4 kindergarten teachers.

Click here to make a phone call to Corbett and your state senator and representative to tell them to restore the increase in funding Governor Corbett proposed.

This is approximately what our area school districts will lose if the House budget becomes law (*legislators dole out school funding increases as they please, often based on deals they cut behind closed doors, so we can’t be sure how they will choose to distribute the $70 million).

School District Proposed Ready to Learn Grant Funding House GOP proposal, which cuts 70% of the increase Loss of state funding for K-12 education in House GOP proposal compared to Corbett’s proposed budget
Big Spring SD $359,097 $107,729 -$251,367
Camp Hill SD $126,880 $38,064 -$88,816
Carlisle Area SD $597,844 $179,353 -$418,490
Cumberland Valley SD $550,658 $164,197 -$385,460
East Pennsboro Area SD $332,606 $99,781 -$232,824
Mechanicsburg Area SD $385,115 $115,534 $269,580
Shippensburg Area SD $481,245 $114,373 -$336,871
South Middleton SD $206,359 $61,907 -$144,451
Chambersburg Area SD $1,128,542 $338,562 -$789,979
Fannett-Metal SD $70,803 $21,241 -$49,562
Greencastle-Antrim SD $378,211 $113,463 -$264,747
Tuscarora SD $345,643 $103,692 -$241,950
Waynesboro Area SD $611,406 $183,421 -$427,984

Budget negotiations are just beginning. While the budget is still fluid and negotiations are taking place, advocates to speak out loudly and often in support of responsible funding for public schools.

Click here to make a phone call to Corbett and your state senator and representative. They need to hear from people TODAY.

Ask them to:

  • Restore the $241 million in Basic Education Funding line that was in Corbett’s proposed budget.
  • Support the adoption of a shale tax, cigarette tax and any reasonable  measure to raise revenue and close tax loopholes.
  • Support and advocate for state funding for charter school reimbursement to be restored.

If we don’t speak loudly and with one voice this budget season, our public schools will get little more than scraps in this budget and shale drillers will continue to make record profits on the backs of home owners and children in public schools. Please call today.

Interested in joining a sit-in for full funding for PA’s public schools at Corbett’s office? Send me an email at and I will share details.


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