Why We Support the Lawsuit Against the State

Education Matters in the Cumberland Valley wholeheartedly supports the lawsuit filed by Education Law Center-PA and Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia on behalf of parents, school districts and statewide organizations. This lawsuit makes the complaint that current state school funding is unconstitutional and violates PA law.

Our state government has created academic standards that are part of the PSSA and Keystone Exam systems and set the expectation that ALL students will meet these standards. At the same time, our state government has failed to ensure that many students in Pennsylvania have access to the basic educational opportunities that they need in order to meet these standards.

Hundreds of thousands of students in Pennsylvania go to schools where their libraries have been closed, they are using out-of-date textbooks and materials, they are sitting in crowded classrooms and lack guidance counselors, school nurses and programs that offer extra help to struggling students.

As a result of these conditions, many of these students cannot achieve basic proficiency on PSSA exams and they will be unprepared to pass the Keystone exams, which will soon be graduation requirement.

Because of our state’s broken system,per pupil spending in PA school districts ranges from $9,800 to $28,400. Wealthy communities with high property values are able to provide students with a high-quality education while poor communities struggle to give students the opportunities they need to meet state standards.

Pennsylvania lawmakers should not spend millions of taxpayer dollars defending a school funding system that clearly broken.

Instead, our lawmakers must do the hard work of governing and do what is right for the Pennsylvania’s public school children. Our state lawmakers must make fair and adequate funding for Pennsylvania’s public schools their top priority this year. They must work with Tom Wolf and do whatever it takes to make sure that when our children return to school next year, they have access to the resources they will need to meet state standards and graduate from high school college or career ready.

To learn more about the lawsuit, please visit http://edfundinglawsuit.wordpress.com/

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