Save Pennsylvanians $365 Million in Taxpayer Money

Fix Pennsylvania’s Broken Charter School Funding Formula

Protect Taxpayers and End Wasteful Spending

Visit to learn more about charter and cyber charter schools and to contact your legislators and demand that they reform their broken funding formula.

The way Pennsylvania pays for charter schools is broken. An outdated and seriously flawed funding formula enacted by the PA legislature mandates that our local school districts make tuition payments to cyber charter schools that far exceed what it ACTUALLY costs to educate children. In addition, charter schools can use their excess taxpayer-funded tuition payments to pay for political lobbying, 7-figure CEO salaries, expensive advertising and shareholder profits instead of educating children.

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Only our state legislators can protect taxpayers and fix this problem. Click here and ask your legislators to make THREE fixes to charter school funding:

 Fix #1

Stop taxpayer overpayment to cyber charter schools.

o Limit cyber charter school tuition rates to what it costs local school districts to provide the same or better cyber school service. In many districts across the state, local schools are able to provide cyber school services to students at half the cost cyber charters are charging!

o Audit cyber charter schools at the end of each school year and return excess cyber charter school payments to school districts.

Fix #2

Stop double pension payments to ALL charter schools.

o Charter and cyber charter schools are paid TWICE for retirement costs – once by local school districts and AGAIN by the state.

o By 2016-2017 this “double-dip” in pension payments will cost taxpayers $510 million.

Fix # 3

Stop charter and cyber charter schools from using taxpayer dollars allocated for educating children on advertising and political lobbying.

o Under current law, the for-profit management companies of charter and cyber charter schools have no restrictions on how they spend taxpayer dollars.

o Home and business owners should NOT be expected to fund political lobbying, billboards or TV and Internet advertisements with their school tax dollars.

Share these articles with your legislators to help them understand why they need to reform the way the PA legislature pays charter schools:

This New York Times article details the abysmal performance of PA’s cyber charter schools. It also exposes how our taxpayer dollars go to pay the $5 million compensation that the operator of the K12, Inc. charter school management company. Forward this article to your legislator and ask him or her to read it and seriously consider if this is a good use of taxpayer dollars.

ZERO of 12 PA cyber charter schools made Adequate Yearly Progress in 2011-2012 and just 28% of brick-and-mortar charter schools will make Adequate Yearly Progress.

If our state legislators are serious about eliminating wasteful spending in Harrisburg and protecting taxpayers, they need to fix their broken charter school funding formula THIS YEAR.