Statewide Bake Sale 2012School districts across Pennsylvania are struggling to cope with devastating state budget cuts and crippling cyber charter school tuition bills. Now, more than ever before, Pennsylvanians need to speak out loudly and together in support of our public schools.

Join parents and community members from across Pennsylvania to advocate for policies that support public education.

Our History

In spring of 2011 Governor Corbett announced that he would cut more than $1 billion in state funding from our public schools. A group of concerned parents and community members from Shippensburg came together to speak out against his misguided priorities and in support of our children and our public schools.

We held a rally at the State Capitol on April 16th, 2011 to protest these cuts. Since then we have organized community forums on public education, letter writing campaigns, and legislator call-in days. We also worked with public education advocates from around the state, visited the White House and organized the “Statewide Bake Sale” to save public education.

Our members include parents and community members from across the Commonwealth. We all share the belief that public schools are a public good and that our state legislators have an obligation to stand up for the voters and children they were elected to represent.

We want our elected officials to know that we care about our children and that we will hold them accountable if they do not support public education.

Contact us at educationmattersinthecv@gmail.com

The mission of Education Matters in the Cumberland Valley is to:

•          Promote the value of public education;

•          Inform our community about current issues in public education;

•          Raise awareness of how legislators’ decisions impact public education;

•          Empower community members to advocate for policies that support

a strong public education system.